IMSR® power plants are a cleaner and cost-competitive alternative to burning fossil fuels

Cutaway view of the IMSR<span class="te-rtrademark">&reg;</span> Core-unit.
Cutaway view of the IMSR® Core-unit.
IMSR® power plants are small modular reactors and are constructible in four years. They require a much smaller upfront investment (less than US $1 billion), making them easier to finance.

In electric power markets, IMSR® power plants can dispatch power at under US $50 per megawatt-hour (levelized). This is cost-competitive with natural gas and coal.

In industrial heat markets, IMSR® plants are cost-competitive with natural gas and heating oil; they provide an in-furnace cost of heat of less than US $6 per MMBtu, within US $1 of North American in-furnace natural gas costs.

Simple, fast, modular plant construction

IMSR® power plants are smaller and simpler to build than today’s conventional reactor power plants.

They use a modular design for ease and speed of construction, and each module is mass-manufactured in factory settings, easily transportable by truck or rail for on-site modular assembly.

This modular approach to manufacturing and assembly allows an IMSR® power plant to be built in four years, under half the time required for conventional reactor power plants. Selecting the IMSR® means lowering construction and financing costs very significantly.

Source: US Energy Information Administration