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Process Safety & Environmental Protection: J-value Assessment of Relocation Measures Post-Chernobyl and Fukushima

Article in the journal Process Safety & Environmental Protections examines the effectiveness of population relocation measures following the nuclear accidents at Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011 and concludes that “relocation should be used sparingly if at all after any major nuclear accident.”

PNAS: Evaluation of a proposal for reliable low-cost grid power with 100% wind, water, and solar

Authors in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences find significant shortcomings in a study that concluded the feasibility of providing low-cost solutions to the grid with 100 percent penetration of wind, water and solar power in the continental U.S. “Policy makers should treat with caution any visions of a rapid, reliable, and low-cost transition to entire energy systems that relies almost exclusively on wind, solar, and hydroelectric power,” they write.

Annals of Nuclear Energy analysis of the economic advantages of the IMSR®

Peer-reviewed article in the Annals of Nuclear Energy provides analysis of the economic advantages of the Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) design vis-a-vis an advanced PWR, finding a similar energy cost structure but a much lower overnight cost.

OECD publication on nuclear energy and combating climate change

The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency publication “Nuclear Energy: Combating Climate Change” explains that nuclear power, the largest low-carbon source of electricity in OECD countries, is the only available option for dispatchable low-carbon electricity and should form a critical element in any serious strategies towards decarbonization of the electricity sector.

Environmental Science & Technology: Prevented Mortality and GHG Emissions from Nuclear Power

In the journal Environmental Science & Technology, Drs. Pushker Kharecha and James Hansen find that the number of fossil combustion-related deaths prevented by nuclear power is significant and also conclude that unconstrained natural gas use would cause more deaths than the expansion of nuclear.

Learn More About Terrestrial Energy

Terrestrial Energy is an industry-leading technology company committed to delivering reliable, emission-free, and cost-competitive nuclear energy with a truly innovative advanced reactor design, the Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®).