Terrestrial Energy Joins Generation IV International Forum

OAKVILLE, ON – May 13, 2019 – Terrestrial Energy has been admitted to the Generation IV International Forum (GIF), currently the only private sector company with this status. After two years of observer status at GIF molten salt reactor (MSR) meetings, Terrestrial Energy has become a signatory of the Memorandum of Understanding for Collaboration on the Molten Salt Reactor System, and now participates as a formal member of the Provisional System Steering Committee of the Molten Salt System.

The GIF is a multi-national program established in 2001 to support co-operative research and development of next-generation nuclear reactor technologies, today referred to as “Generation IV” technologies. The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency has acted as the Technical Secretariat of the Forum since inception.

The GIF currently has 14 members, including Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, France, and Euratom. Its goals provided the basis to identify six advanced nuclear energy systems that represent the future of nuclear technology; including the Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) technology. The Forum also provides GIF member states a legal framework for collaborative research and development.

Growing commercial interest in MSR development in member states has led to a recent expansion in the activities of the GIF Molten Salt Reactor Working Group, as well as new members: Rosatom of Russia, the Paul Scherrer Institute of Switzerland, the United States Department of Energy, and Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) of Australia.

Terrestrial Energy is currently the only private sector signatory in any of the six GIF reactor systems.

“Technical collaboration through interactions with the Generation IV Forum are invaluable to realize the global potential for our MSR technology. The GIF recognizes that with nuclear innovation, we can meet the urgent global market need for clean, affordable and cost-competitive energy,” said Dr. David LeBlanc President and Chief Technology Officer of Terrestrial Energy. “Terrestrial Energy looks forward to participating in the GIF MSR system and contributing to future joint development projects.”

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), a Canadian Government ministry, administers Canada’s involvement in GIF. Deputy Director of Nuclear Science and Technology for NRCan Daniel Brady made the following remarks regarding Canada’s participation in the GIF:

“Terrestrial Energy is the nation’s largest MSR technology developer, and NRCan supports the company’s admission to the GIF. Members of GIF share resources, expertise and facilities to undertake the R&D necessary to advance Generation IV nuclear technologies. These are revolutionary nuclear technologies that are expected to be commercially transformative – more affordable, more cost-competitive and more versatile than current technologies.”


About Terrestrial Energy

Terrestrial Energy is a developer of Generation IV advanced nuclear power plants that use its proprietary Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) technology. IMSR® technology represents true innovation in cost reduction, versatility and functionality of nuclear power plants. IMSR® power plants will provide zero-carbon, reliable, dispatchable, cost-competitive electric power and high-grade industrial heat for use in many industrial applications, such as chemical synthesis and desalination, and in so doing extend the application of nuclear energy far beyond electric power markets. They have the potential to make important contributions to industrial competitiveness, energy security, and economic growth. Their deployment will support rapid global decarbonization of the primary energy system by displacing fossil fuel combustion across a broad spectrum. Using an innovative design, and proven and demonstrated molten salt reactor technology, Terrestrial Energy is engaged with regulators and industrial partners to complete IMSR® engineering and to commission first IMSR® power plants in the late 2020s.


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Terrestrial Energy is an industry-leading technology company committed to delivering reliable, emission-free, and cost-competitive nuclear energy with a truly innovative advanced reactor design, the Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®).