Terrestrial Energy Named in Bill Gates’ List of Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2019


Bill Gates on the New Wave Nuclear Power - Advanced Reactor Technology - MIT ReviewMIT Technology Review this month published its annual list of technologies that will “change the world for the better.”

This year’s top 10 list was curated by Bill Gates and includes “new-wave nuclear power,” which spans advanced fission and fusion technologies. Terrestrial Energy’s advanced fission Generation IV IMSR technology has been cited as one of the “key players,” along with TerraPower which is developing another Generation IV technology.

“Narrowing down the list was difficult,” writes Mr. Gates in an introductory essay. “I wanted to choose things that not only will create headlines in 2019 but captured this moment in technological history…Advanced nuclear reactors could provide carbon-free, safe, secure energy to the world.”

Advanced nuclear reactor designs are “promising to make this power source safer and cheaper,” reads the cover story in the magazine’s March/April edition. “Developers of Generation IV fission designs, such as Canada’s Terrestrial Energy…have entered into R&D partnerships with utilities, aiming for grid supply by the 2020s.”

A related article in MIT Technology Review discusses the promise of new advanced nuclear technologies to combat climate change and describes the potential of molten salt designs. “Canadian company Terrestrial Energy plans to build a 190 MW plant in Ontario, with its first reactors producing power before 2030,” notes writer Leigh Phillips.

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