IPA Review: Right Climate for Nuclear Power

From IPA Review:

Nuclear power is the safest option for averting Australia’s looming energy crisis, argues Bright New World Founder Dr Ben Heard.

And while the SMR road is littered with attrition, there is cause for genuine optimism and even a measure of excitement.

The Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) from Terrestrial Energy is in the second phase of pre-licensing vendor design review with the Canadian regulator. The IMSR® uses liquid fuel in the form of a molten salt with dissolved uranium fuel. The sealed reactor vessels are designed for seven years of continuous operation and then lift-out replacement with new units. The physical behaviour of the liquid fuel renders runaway over-power events impossible. The IMSR® has an outlet temperature of 600ºC, suitable for many nonelectrical industrial processes such as hydrogen production and the subsequent production of ammonia, as well as mineral beneficiation and food processing.

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