Washington Examiner: Rick Perry’s vision of hot tub-sized nuclear power plants isn’t so far-fetched

From Washington Examiner:

However, the commission “is talking to several potential reactor designers in what we term ‘pre-application’ activities,” Burnell said. “These vendors include two companies contemplating molten salt-based reactors.”

The two companies are Transatomic Power and Terrestrial Energy, which want to incorprate their relatively small reactor designs into a power plant campus the size of a small airplane hangar.

Both companies tout themselves as the future of clean energy by offering a permanent and safe energy solution, cleaner than fossil fuels since they emit no greenhouse gases and more efficient than conventional light-water reactors.

Terrestrial Energy said on its website that renewable energy is only a partial solution for reducing carbon dioxide emission. Nuclear power will have to do the heavy lifting in a carbon-constrained world, it said.

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