Terrestrial Energy USA Awarded Second “GAIN” Voucher by US Department of Energy

NEW YORK, NY – July 5, 2017 – Terrestrial Energy USA, a developer of Advanced Reactor power plants, has been awarded a grant by US Department of Energy – Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) under its Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative. This is the second consecutive year that Terrestrial Energy USA has sought and received GAIN’s assistance in working with the nuclear energy research expertise and facilities available at DOE’s national laboratories. The GAIN award will be used for verification of molten salt thermophysical properties at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL).

“The US Department of Energy’s GAIN initiative continues to be an effective portal for private companies to access the vast wealth of expertise and capabilities within the DOE complex of national laboratories,” said Simon Irish, CEO of Terrestrial Energy USA. “It provides technical, regulatory, and financial support through laboratory partnerships, valuable for companies working to bring to market innovative and transformative nuclear energy technologies, such as our IMSR®power plant.”

“We at the GAIN initiative are pleased to help Terrestrial Energy USA continue developing their IMSR® technology,” said Rita Baranwal, GAIN Director. “GAIN is continuing to support the fast-developing advanced reactor industry and building on our early successes with the first rounds of Nuclear Energy Vouchers in 2016. We offer our congratulations to the team at Terrestrial Energy USA and all of this year’s NE Voucher recipients.”

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