Forbes: Canada Aims For A Fleet Of Small Modular Nukes

From Forbes:

But Canada’s own new SMR company, Terrestrial Energy Inc. (TEI), has a new small modular Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) design that is ideal for this future, that is, a nuclear reactor that:

– is cheaper than coal and can last for decades longer

– is a 400 MWt (190 MWe) modular design, one able to be adapted to needs for both on and off-grid heat and power

– is small and modular enough to allow simple construction in under 4 years, and trucking of modules to the site

– operates at normal pressures, removing those safety issues, and at higher temperatures, providing more energy for the same amount of fuel

– it does not require water for cooling and has the type of passive safety systems that make it walk-away safe

– can load-follow rapidly to buffer the intermittency of renewables

– generates less waste that is also more easily managed

Terrestrial Energy’s reactor uses the natural convection of the molten salt to remove the heat to the vessel walls passively where its containment silo simply adsorbs the heat decay and conducts it away – this is passive cooling at its simplest.

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