Forbes: Terrestrial Energy Describes Progress Towards Commercializing Advanced Small Modular Reactor

From Forbes:

[Terrestrial Energy CEO Simon] Irish emphasized that Terrestrial Energy is in business because it has determined that its advanced small modular reactor, the IMSR®, is a “better way to generate heat compared to fossil fuel combustion.” Their product is not limited to generating electricity; electric power generation is only one of several different markets for the high quality, 700 ℃ heat that can be provided by the system’s tertiary salt loop. According to Irish’s presentation, it is possible for heat customers to be located up to several kilometers from the reactor.

Presumably, the cost of installing and operating piping and pumps required to move the salt through the system adds an affordably low cost to the heat supply effort. It should be obvious that the optimal distance between the heat supply and the heat consumer would be as short as possible after taking into consideration the safety and security needs of both the reactor plant and the heat customer.

According to Irish, an advantages for heat from an IMSR® compared to heat from combustion is the reduction in emissions and combustion waste disposal. Both during his presentation and during the brief Q&A session that followed, Irish disclosed that one of the markets where participants have expressed the most interest is in petrochemicals.

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