Terrestrial Energy Announces Appointment of Former Chief Technology Officer of Westinghouse Regis Matzie To Advisory Board

OAKVILLE, ON – March 22, 2017 – Terrestrial Energy announces that it has appointed Regis Matzie, PhD, to its Advisory Board. Dr. Matzie is recognized internationally as an expert in the nuclear power industry, having spent 35 years in technical and management roles, as well as 30 years in the United States Navy, in active and reserve service. Dr. Matzie’s career has been devoted primarily to the development of advanced nuclear systems and advanced fuel cycles. He currently serves as International Subcommittee Chair on the Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee, which provides independent advice to the US Department of Energy – Office of Nuclear Energy.

Dr. Regis Matzie served as the Chief Technology Officer at Westinghouse Electric Company from 2001 to 2009. Dr. Matzie was responsible for all research and development and advanced nuclear plant development at Westinghouse. Prior to this, Dr. Matzie spent 25 years with ABB Combustion Engineering (CE) and its predecessor organization CE, in various roles of the Nuclear Power section, including: Vice President of Nuclear Engineering; Vice President of Nuclear Systems Development; Director of Advanced Water Reactor Projects; Manager of Reactor Engineering; and Manager of Analog Plants.

Dr. Matzie graduated from the United States Naval Academy, where he obtained a BS in Physics, and served in the United States nuclear submarine program for five years. He earned his MS and PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Stanford University. He is the author of more than 110 technical papers and reports on the subject of advanced nuclear systems and advanced fuel cycles.

Dr. Matzie made the following comments about his appointment:

“This is an exciting time for the nuclear industry, and a time of change. After studying Advanced Reactors for most of my career I am very pleased to see real progress in the deployment of these game changing reactors. I have been impressed with Terrestrial Energy’s molten salt reactor system. The company’s ability to deliver on its plans positions it as a clear advanced reactor leader. I am proud to lend my decades of experience to its efforts internationally, and I am excited to see an Advanced Reactor power plant, one using Terrestrial Energy’s Integral Molten Salt Reactor technology become a commercial reality.”

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