Third Way: We Need A Mix

From Third Way:

The mission of Third Way’s Clean Energy Program is to develop and promote policies that will help in the fight against climate change. We’ve only got a few decades to cut our emissions by at least 80%, so the pressure is really on. That’s why we’re so concerned by growing calls for a “renewables-only” solution to this massive challenge—a strategy that would intentionally take other climate tools off the table and lock them in the toolbox. Our odds of keeping global warming below 2 degrees are eroding rapidly. And analysis from the world’s preeminent climate authorities indicates that our task will become even harder if we fail to take advantage of low-carbon technologies like nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Because we won’t get a second chance at stopping climate change, Third Way felt an urgent need to spread the word about the mitigation strategy that is most likely to get the job done. When it comes to generating low-carbon electricity, “we need a mix.”

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