Canada Reinforces Low-Carbon Future with Nuclear Investments

From LinkedIn Pulse:

The Canadian government also is working to promote next-generation technologies with its announcement on March 4 of funding for two Canadian advanced nuclear firms: Terrestrial Energy of Oakville, Ont. and General Fusion of Burnaby, B.C.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) awarded CDN $5.7 million to Terrestrial Energy to construct and test a non-nuclear mock-up of its integral molten salt reactor (IMSR®). Only one week earlier, Terrestrial said it plans to submit its IMSR® to the CNSC for the first phase of pre-certification vendor design review.

SDTC also awarded CDN $12.7 million to General Fusion, which is developing cutting-edge fusion technology. At the GLOBE 2016 conference on sustainable business and technology in Vancouver last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave General Fusion an amazing shout out, calling it “one of the most exciting things in clean energy.”

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