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Game-changing Generation IV fission technology: powerful, affordable, carbon-free energy

IMSR Reactor


More efficient than conventional nuclear power plants


Less waste than conventional nuclear power plants


Enriched uranium fuel, today’s only safe and secure nuclear fuel standard

<5 grams

Full life-cycle grams of CO2-eq per kilowatt-hour of electricity

>50 years

Plant operating life

7 hectares

Land use for 400MW of electric power

What we do

How we’re working toward a brighter energy future

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Innovating on the conventional

Conventional nuclear technology, based on a solid fuel and water coolant, is inherently costly and complex. It cannot supply heat at the temperature industry needs, nor can it deliver at the cost to drive fossil fuel substitution.

For cost-competitive, high-temperature heat, a fission reactor requires a high-performance coolant. Conventional fission technology uses water, Terrestrial Energy uses a molten salt – a coolant with superior performance to water.

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Innovating for heat

Our proprietary small modular reactor (SMR) design is called the Integral Molten Salt Reactor or IMSR. Molten salt fission technology is the heart of our innovative IMSR heat and power (cogeneration) plant.

With a superior coolant, the IMSR operates safely at much higher temperatures. Heat supplied at these temperatures can replace heat from burning fossil fuels in many industrial processes and generating electricity. IMSR cogeneration plants generate carbon-free heat and electric power for industry without emitting air pollution such as CO2, NOX, SOX or PM2.5.

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Innovating for cost advantages

With a superior coolant, the IMSR operates safely at high temperature and low pressure. Conventional water-cooled nuclear technology uses high pressure cooling systems, which are complex and costly. IMSR plants require no pressurized cooling systems, which has significant cost advantages.

With high-temperature heat supply, IMSR heat has the efficiency of a coal power plant but without emissions. It can generate electricity with 44% efficiency, 50% higher than conventional nuclear power plant. This too delivers major economic advantages.

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Innovating for speed to market

The technology, nuclear fuel and plant design choices used in IMSR cogeneration plants place it on a clear path to market in a compelling timeframe. We have chosen proven molten salt fission technology, which has been researched, developed and demonstrated for over the last 65 years. A modular design, paired with today’s latest advanced component manufacturing techniques, support construction of an IMSR cogeneration plant in less than four years. We expect to scale up deployment rapidly when international role-out of IMSR cogeneration plants starts in 2030.

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