Transcript of Terrestrial Energy Speech at the Economic Club of Canada Event

MISSISSAUGA, ON – September 26, 2014 – The following is a transcript of Terrestrial Energy Inc. Chairman of the Board, Hugh MacDiarmid’s speech at the Economic Club of Canada on September 24, 2014.

Please click here for the full transcript (PDF).

About Terrestrial Energy Inc.

Terrestrial Energy Inc. (TEI) intends to commercialize its proprietary Molten Salt Reactor technology in Canada during the 2020s. Molten Salt Reactor technology represents a revolution in nuclear safety, waste and proliferation resistance, and in energy cost-competitiveness. TEI’s Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) is a small modular design, with models ranging from 80 MWth to 600 MWth – ideally suited for remote communities and industrial operations, including on- and off- grid power provision. Canada provides a favorable jurisdiction for the company’s Molten Salt Reactor development, licensing and marketing. TEI’s board consists of executives from the nuclear, natural resource and finance sectors.

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